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We are sorry to announce that we are closing More the Merrier Designs.

Once a pattern is sold out, it will not be available again.

Thank you for your understanding and your business!

More the Merrier Designs 
We love beautiful things and chose to create and express them through sewing and needlework. We strive to make our art quilt instructions accessible for everyone. Beginners and experts alike should find designs and instructions sufficient to reproduce the quilts and embroidery we offer. In addition, we offer free help with any of our designs. We have extra checks during the design and production phases to assure that the patterns and instructions are accurate and complete thus insuring a fulfilling experience. 

Janet’s Biography 
Janet started her explorations in art at an early age. She started using chalk and crayons on any surface available. She moved on to using charcoal from the fireplace and to pencils. In college, she continued to refine her skills using modern media and computers. Along the way, she learned sewing from her mother. That eventually led her to her real calling in craft and quilt design. She found the limitations of fabrics a delightful challenge. She says that she has dozens of designs in her head just begging to get out and into patterns. 

Sylvia’s Biography 
Sylvia is a mother of three and a grandmother. She grew up sitting at the knee of her mother, grandmother, and aunt all of whom were accomplished in the needle and sewing arts. She naturally acquired the skill and appreciation for quilting and embroidery. After two earlier careers, first of homemaker and then a hands-on healthcare career, she rediscovered her love of needlework and sewing and added a unique coloring method to her embroidery. This discovery blossomed into The More the Merrier Designs business that is still growing. 

More The Merrier Designs

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